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December 10, 2012
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-Christmas Wishlist-

~Under the Mistletoe~

You and your best friend, Bella, were at a Christmas party that her friend Antonio was holding.  She had told you all about this Antonio guy, but you had never met him in person.  She also told you about his two best friends, Gilbert and Francis.  Apparently Antonio was from Spain, Francis was from France, and Gilbert was from...Prussia.  You had questioned her on how he could possibly be from Prussia because it did not even exist any more, but she simply said that he believes he's from Prussia, but it's more like East Germany.  You just went with that.

Bella had you by the hand and was leading you through crowds of people,  looking to introduce you to Antonio.  On the way, Bella raised one hand and waved it, calling over someone.  You saw a familiar Italian face squeeze though the crowd of people, coming over to you.  "Hi Lovi~!" Bella said to her boyfriend as she placed a kiss on his cheek and he blushed and held her around the waist.  "Ciao Bella, ciao _________," was all that he said.    You saw Lovino, your friend's Italian boyfriend many times.  According to Bella, Lovino was like Antonio's brother, but Lovino denied it, what with his tsundere attitude.  "Hi, Lovino!" you said back with a cheery smile.  

Just then, two men with wavy blonde hair and another with Silvery-white hair and red eyes came up behind Bella and Lovino.  "Aw, our Lovi and Bella are dating now, non~?"  Both Bella and Lovino jumped and turned to see the two men.  You still stood by Bella's side.  "Francis, what-a the hell are you doing!?" Lovino yelled at them, but they both just laughed very strange laughs.  "Oh, nozhing at all, ve vere just coming to check on you two~!  You are very cute togezher!  Kesesesese~" the other said with a thick German accent, a smirk playing onto his features.  "Shut up, b***ard," Lovino said blushing and looking away, but Bella just blushed and smiled a bit, hugging Lovino slightly tighter.  

That's when the Blonde's eyes fell on you.  He looked at you up and down, and said in a thick French accent, "Why 'ello, mon cheri, who are you~?" he said also with a slight smirk.  You smiled back, unaware he was trying to flirt with you and said, "My name is ________!  I'm just Bella's friend!  Are you by any chance Francis?"  He looked at his red-eyed friend excitedly.  "Ami, she knows my name!" he said as it were the most interesting thing in the world.  "So 'ow did you know my name?" he asked looking back at you now.  "Well Bella told me about some people... and if you're Francis, then he's Gilbert, right?" you asked pointing at the albino.  Gilbert stepped forward, "vhy yes I am!  I am zhe avesome Gilbert!" he said to you, also eying you.  

Suddenly, without even noticing it, Francis managed to slip up between you and Bella and wrap his arm around your slim waist, which was clothed with a beautiful (f/c) dress that was slightly tight at the top, beautifully embracing your mature body, but still flowing at the bottom, which gave it the perfect touch.  He pulled you in closer to him, and you started to panic a little bit when his other friend came to the other side of you and wrapped his arm around the other way, feeling across your body as it did so, until you felt them both cringe and let go when Lovino and Bella both held items above their heads.  

Bella was holding a thick book that had been placed on a nearby table, while Lovino was holding a wine glass that was once full.  You backed away a little and saw that Gilbert was soaked with red, sticky wine and Francis had a big red mark on the side of his face.  You were shocked at first, but then tried to stifle your giggles.  Both Lovino and Bella were yelling at the two injured and soaked men, scolding them about being such perverts.  You just couldn't help but laugh at the sight.  

You saw a man with chocolate brown hair and emerald green eyes approach, first shocked at the scene, but then started laughing aloud with you.  "Bella, Lovi, I think you've taked care of them...what did they do?" he asked between laughs.  Both Bella and Lovino shouted at the same time, "They were being perverts!!!!"  The tan man sighed, and shook his head.  "When on earth will you two learn?" he said with a ghost of a smile on his lips.  

Francis rubbed his cheek, and Gilbert ran a hand through his soaked hair, and they both went off to clean up after they gave some harsh glares at Bella Lovino and the other man.  The said man then turned to you, now smiling brightly.  "Sorry about that, they can be wild at times!" he said with a small laugh.  "So what is your name," the goregeous man said in a Spanish accent.  "I'm _______!  What's your name?" you asked back.  He smiled warmly and replied, "Mi llamo Antonio.  Oh, sorry, my name is Antonio.  I tend to speak my native language sometimes..." your smile grew wider.  

"Oh!  Bella told me about you!  You're from Spain, right?  That must be really cool!" you babbled on.  He laughed and said, "Si, I used to live in "Spain, and I was born there."  The two of you continued talking for a while, until Bella stepped up and said, "See? I knew that you two would get along just fine!  Now I've got to find Lovi, wherever he went off to, I'll see you later!" she said and waved.  "Wait," you stopped her, "I've got to go too and find Feliciano, I told him I would meet his friends Ludwig and Kiku today, so I'll see you later Antonio!"  You smiled at Antonio who smiled back, and you searched for Feliciano.  

When you found him, he was by the food table, piling his plate with pasta and usual.  You went up to him and saw he was standing with two people, one with bleach-blonde hair, and another with dark hair.  "Hi, Feli~!" you said tapping him on the shoulder.  He turned around startled, but smiled when he saw you.  "Ciao, _______~!  Ve~, these are my best friends, Ludwig and Kiku!" he said pointing to the two other men.  Kiku nodded politely to you, and Ludwig just looked away and mumbled something under his breath.  

You were confused.  Did they not like you?  Feliciano saw your confused expression and pouted at Ludwig.  "Luddy!  Say-a hi to ________!  This-a is the girl I was-a telling you about, vee~!" Ludwig sighed and turned to you, saying, "Ja, hello. Nice to meet you."  You could tell he didn't really mean it, but you smiled and waved at him happily anyways.  Kiku looked you in the eye again and said, "Sorry, I am Kiku.  Herro, it's nice to meet you _______-san."  You smiled at him too and said, "Nice to meet both of you!  Feli talks about you a lot!  

You continued making friendly chat with Feli, a little bit with Kiku, and not really with Ludwig, until you and Feli decided to go get drinks for all of you.  You both walked off, into the other room to grab some drinks, when Feli turned to you suddenly and grinned.  "Vee~, ________, could you-a go to that room over there to-a get some napkins?" he said pointing through a doorway.  You blinked, "Why do we need napkins, it's just dri-" you were cut off when Feli started pushing you a little towards the doorway.  

You gave in and started walking through the doorway, when you bumped into a familiar tan face.  It was Antonio!  You started to say hi, but you noticed Antonio blushing slightly red.  You looked at him puzzled, "Hey, is something wrong?"  "U-um...well....Bella t-told me to come over here...but I bumped into you...and we're here...."   You didn't quite understand what he was trying to say, until something caught your eye.

It was dangling above your and Antonio's head.  You looked up and saw...

a piece of mistletoe.  

Your face turned red too.  You looked around and Feli, Ludwig, Kiku, Bella, Lovino, Gilbert, Francis, and more were all looking at you intently.  Your face went as red as tomatoes when Gilbert smirked and called out, "Just kiss her, Toni!"  You looked back at Toni, meeting his eyes.  You noticed he was closer than before...and you started to lean in too.

You turned your head, for him to kiss your cheek, until you felt a hand push the back of your head forward, causing the space between your and Antonio's lips... to vanish.

Your eyes were opened wide, and your face turned even redder, if that was possible, and you felt Antonio's soft lips pressed against your own.  You were reluctant at first, but in a moment, you melted into the kiss, closing your eyes, and keeping your lips locked with Antonio's.

You felt a pair of hands snake around your waist, and you slowly reached your hands around Antonio's neck, leaning more into the kiss.  

Finally, the two of you pulled away, breathing quite heavily, but your arms still around each other.  Your face was practically radiating with heat, and you looked down, but you looked back up when Antonio's hand gently pushed up your chin to look at him.

You hugged him tightly, and smiled.  That was your first kiss ever.  And it was amazing.  You and Antonio started laughing, and looked around to see everyone's faces.  Feli had a great grin plastered on his face, Gilbert and Francis were smirking and laughing their odd laughs, Bella had the same goofy grin as Feliciano, and Lovino just had a mad face on like always.  Ludwig looked a little shocked, and Kiku was....taking a picture.  

You and Antonio spent the rest of the night together at the party.  You started dating shortly after, and had an amazing relationship.  Your bong gradually grew stronger, and two years later, at the same Christmas party he throws every year, he proposed.  You both got married, and had twins.  A little girl and a little boy.  The little girl looked just like Antonio, with Emerald green eys, and the wind-blown chocolate hair, where as the boy looked just like you.  Cute (h/c) hair, and sparkling (e/c) eyes.  You both raised your children well, and lived with your love.  Every year at Christmas, you hung a mistletoe in the doorway, and many times you met under it again.  

~~~~~¡Feliz Navidad!~~~~~
-this is the second story in my 'Christmas Wishlist' series!!! ^^

Well, you would never believe where I got the idea for this fanfic. While I was in my room upstairs, my mom was decorating for Christmas, and decided to hang the mistletoe in the doorway that goes down the stairs without warning. Well, as I came out of my room, my brother was going up the stairs....and we were under the mistletoe. -_- So, being the loving big brother he is, he tried to kiss my cheek, and guess what happened! (you: somebody pushed you guys together and you kissed!? :D ) Hahaha, no, I pushed him down the stairs and then started writing this. //shot// Aren't I a great sister? :) That was payback for all the torture he put me thru as a kid. >D He didn't get hurt, btw. xDD

Aaaaaanywho, I hope you liked this!!! Omg, I'm so frikin behind on this series it's ridiculous!!! I have them mostly written, but I need to just start finishing them one at a time so I'll actually do something productive. xDD Well, gotta go do homework. :P Hopefully I've have the next one in this series up soon!!!

Antonio - Spain
Gilbert - Prussia
Francis - France
Feliciano - Italy
Lovino - Romano
Bella - Belgium (she doesn't have an official name so...yeah)
Ludwig - Germany
Kiku - Japan
You - You! :D

I only own the story line!!! <3 (sadly...) </3

Luv you all, and hope you like it! :iconbunnyloveplz:

~~~Merry Christmas!!!~~~
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